Lockdown Requirements

Lockdown Requirements

Being at the sharp end of over 100 deals a year, we are able to quickly identify buying trends enabling us to focus our teams efforts in areas where we can continue to deliver success for our clients.

During the lockdown period, we have reacted to the changes in demand and focused on acquisitions of investment properties with future development angles, often in off-market conditions with opportunities directly sourced from landowners. In addition to unearthing new opportunities, we are working with existing clients to help restructure leases, unlock hidden value via development and to strategize for when more stable trading conditions return.

Although there are plenty of cash-rich investors hoping to capitalise on a downturn in values, we have spent considerable time talking to our network clients to understand where there are genuine requirements to fulfill at values where we know opportunities will exist for them. Current requirements include:

  • On behalf of a private investor for whom we have acquired 5 similar assets in the last 6 months – Income producing commercial / residential investments throughout the South-East with minimum 7% NIY – contact ilia.ago@kingsbury-consultants.co.uk 
  • On behalf of a South London-based construction company with gap in build program for Q4 2020 – New build residential sites from 10 – 100 units in Zone 2 and outwards – contact paul.heale@kingsbury-consultants.co.uk
  • On behalf of an industrial investment company whom we have acquired similar assets – Freehold industrial units, vacant or let, min. 10,000sq.ft. within South-East – contact jordan.oldfield@kingsbury-consultants.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you with any suitable opportunities.

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