5-acre Heathrow Site Acquired

5-acre Heathrow Site Acquired

One of the advantages of industrial properties is that they can often be easily re-purposed. For example, a warehouse may be reinvented as a car dealership or research laboratory. This gives landlords flexibility to cater to changing markets and tenant profiles. As a result, warehouses and other industrial properties continue to be flavour of the month with many investors and developers.

The circa 5-acre Elms complex located on the doorstep of Heathrow, which comprises over 40,000sq.ft. of sheds, warehouses and hardstanding as well as residential uses, is a typical example.

Having identified this site, terms were agreed with the owners and unconditional contracts quickly exchanged.

We will now be working with our clients and Hillingdon Council on bringing forward the site as a new business park, which is sure to be a hit with businesses requiring ease of access to international freight and travel.

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